Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Get Ready for a Wild Adventure - Wild Cats Trophy

After a good DW Tournament, I am happy to say we are starting off with an one-off match christened as 'WildCats Trophy'. This would be a series of intra-RnW matches which be held during the course of couple of months. Two teams has been formed - RnW Jaguar and RnW Puma. The first match is being held in Military Grounds, Pallavaram, Chennai, India (same as DW Tournament).

I shall update as soon as I know the match timings and playing 11.

If you are interested in playing cricket, interested to spend one day in a week to sweat in the hot sun to play in a good game of cricket with friends, join us. 

Friday, April 1, 2011

Double Wicket Tournament 2011

Yes, you heard it right! Double Wicket Tournament 2011 is here. This year its going to be more exciting as well. After much debate and discussions, the Double Wicket Tournament or DWT as we call it is finally here. The venue is Military Grounds, Chennai (near Airport).

Date: 3rd April 2011 | Venue: Military Grounds, Chennai

The tournament organizers are Pradeep and Sankar.

The tournament starts at 9 a.m. Earlier, the organizers had planned it at 6 a.m. but due to the fact that tomorrow is an all important game - India vs Sri Lanka in World Cup 2011 Finals, we all felt it might be difficult to come early after all-night partying (touchwood) :)

The current set of teams are as below:

Group A Group B
Subbu / Rajesh Sriram / Aditya
Bala / Karthi Suraj / Moraji
Bhargav / Vikram Anba / Praveen (last year Runner's up)
Sankar / Pradeep Giri / Sujith
Sharath / Prabhu Velu / Giddy

The team fixtures is as follows:

Match Batting Bowling Wicket keeper
1 Subbu/Rajesh Bala/Karthi Prabhu
2 Sriram/Aditya Suraj/Moraji Prabhu
3 Bala/Karthi Bhargav/Vikram Prabhu
4 Suraj/Moraji Anba/Praveen Prabhu
5 Bhargav/Vikram Sankar/Pradeep Prabhu
6 Anba/Praveen Giri/Sujith Suraj
7 Sankar/Pradeep Sharath/Prabhu Suraj
8 Giri/Sujith Velu/Giddy Suraj
9 Sharath/Prabhu Subbu/Rajesh Suraj
10 Velu/Giddy Sriram/Aditya Suraj

The match rules are as same as last year with few minor modifications. I have a strong feeling that its going to be explosive! I just can't wait for Sunday to come.

Who do you think will be this year Champion of DWT? Drop in your comments.
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