Friday, April 2, 2010

Runwees Cup 2010

Friendship Series has given us a good understanding of ones' ability in bowling and batting. All those net sessions had finally been paid off. At one time during the Series, we thought we will be out of the race even before we begun.

However, the guys played well and we got back into the race by putting up some superb performance. One of the highlights of this series would be Adi's knock of 50 runs (his first fifty!) and KK's dedicated bowling. And even as a team, I think we have improved a lot. Our fielding has improved as well.

Even though we got knocked off in the Semi-finals, the way we carried on in the Friendship Series paints a true picture of how each one is committed towards their game.

On a personal front, I was unable to play some of the crucial matches in this series and that is what I regret most. Anyway, I hope that I will make myself fully available for the team and help them win more matches in the future.

And some interesting statistics our players performance in Friendship Series:

With the completion of Friendship Cup 2010, we now look forward to Runwees Cup 2010. This is an internal series match which is most likely to be played in April - May. We will be shortly announcing the playing 11 for teams Runs and Wickets.

Just a quick intro for the upcoming series: